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July 31, 2015  •  26 minutes  •  # $
From the very beginning, God’s Church has been in a war for its life.

When Jesus Christ founded the New Testament Church, He promised that it would never die, but He also said it would never enjoy a large following. Christ called His Church a “little flock.” And He told us why it would be small in John 15:20: “If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you.”

Throughout its 2,000-year history, God’s Church has withstood intense persecution—much of it coming from a great counterfeit church. The true Church that Christ founded experienced an early spurt of growth from 120 disciples to about 5,000 (Acts 4:4). But very soon after that, it was struck by intense persecution, just as Christ said it would be.

In Acts 8:1, it says there was a great persecution against the church at Jerusalem. The brethren were all scattered abroad, the Bible says. This effort to completely stamp out the true Church ultimately failed. In fact, the persecution itself is what helped the Church to spread abroad. But it never became a large, dominant organization.

The book of Revelation discusses the history of God’s true Church. Right alongside the true Church though, from its beginning, is a counterfeit organization that has been warring against it.

From its beginning, God’s Church has been in a war for its life. Though backed by God’s power, it has been a small, persecuted band of spiritual warriors struggling to fulfill God’s will in a world ruled by the devil. The historical record reveals a drama of stunning courage and faith. It also reveals a tragedy of shameful compromise and cowardice. God preserved it so we could take instruction, correction and inspiration from the lessons His saints wrote with their tears, sweat and blood. It powerfully proves how divine protection and power are required to do God’s Work as we prepare for the return of the Church’s Founder to this Earth.