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July 24, 2014  •  35 minutes  •  # $
The ‘new’ anti-Semitism goes much deeper than you think.

Among all the tumultuous headlines in the news lately, one of the biggest has been about the conflict between Palestinian terrorists and the Jewish nation of Israel. The world’s reaction to the ongoing conflict in Gaza has been overwhelmingly negative toward Israel. But did you know that this trend in anti-Semitism has been going on for a while now?

Last year, a survey taken in the European Union found that one third of the Jewish population in Europe has considered emigrating. Why? Because they fear rising anti-Semitism.

Attacks on Jews are becoming much more frequent in Europe and everyone—especially the Jews—know that these are not isolated incidents. This anti-Jewish sentiment goes much deeper than a recession or an election or even demographics. This hatred goes back generations. It goes back far before the Nazis and the Holocaust. We need the real causes of this not-so-new anti-Semitism. We need to know: Why do so many people hate the Jews?